Welcome to the first episode of The Psychosemantic Podcast (The Psychosemanticast) 

Join me and my revolving door of guests in discussing politics, movies, and political movies. There may or may not be humor involved. 

On this the inaugural episode I'm joined by the the mad scientist himself, Mr. Cort Psyops from Cinema Psyops. Our discussion is spawned from Bob Clark's 1985 film 'Turk 182!' 

Starring: Timothy Hutton, Kim Cattrall, Peter Boyle, Darren McGavin, and Robert Urich 



Cort Psyops: @Cort_Psyops 

Cinema PSYOPS:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cinema-psyops/id1037574921?mt=2 


General Feedback: Show@PsychosemanticPress.com 

Hatemail : hatemail@PsychosemanticPress.com 


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